Violin wood.

Or zebra wood, or that cool-looking orange stuff. It looks like a more-orange version of typical rosewood, but I'm sure it's different. I've heard it's composite.
Any thoughts? It sure is beautiful, and being a very visual person, I'm very intrigued as to it's "durability" (warping/cracking/expansion/etc) and tonal qualities.
Not sure what you are talking about.
They sure are pretty. I wouldn't mind getting one for a back-up to replace the one that kept on breaking... since it "doesn't crack". As long as I don't bump it with anything... and cut my fingernails all the way off, and keep it away from all hard, pointy objects... I should be just fine...
And, mind you, they aren't made of propeller wood. Aviation had largely given up on wooden props for all but the very smallest of aircraft by the time that Conn started the line up that made these.

More detail on the site referenced...I take it upon myself to correct the misconceptions about these horns.
I was going to say... at the air museum around here I've seen propellers (on old, non-working aircraft) with enough wood quantity to make a few good instruments. :cool:
Vell, I got one anyways, in so-called "playing condition" (we'll see about that, if not, no biggie, I can fix it), to match my new outfit. (Kidding... kidding... now I think about it I own no orange clothes)

I'll report back when I get it in the mail, it crackable or not, it's better than my old fall-apart instrument.
Okay, so I got the instrument in the mail today, and my socks have been knocked off!

She plays like a dream, sounds like the voice of an angel, and looks great. I could not be happier. Perhaps mine was just made on a good day and was enchanted with some kind of something, but this is not a student clarinet. This is professional quality, and I know because this gives my selmer a run for his money.
Goes to show what meticulous instrument care can do for a horn.
I'm obviously very excited about my new love...erm... instrument, I can get a tone rivaling the Bliss 210 with the right set up. Not only that but it's so responsive and precise, aided by leather pads. I feel like a kid at Christmas, especially since I didn't expect to open the box and find such a gem.
Rivaling LB210? That would make this horn that you have an early Cadenza killer. The Bliss is one of the best bang for the deal imo if anyone is looking for Morrie's interpretation of the horn and such...
Oh I agree, Franklin! It's a marvelous horn, and incredibly under priced.
The LB210 and the Pan Am are my two main horns now, not to mention they're both equally gorgeous.
I wonder what the previous owner did to the conn though to make it play so well other than the leather pads and adjustments. Everything else appears original.
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