(Weekly?) List of Yamaha Altos Under $500

I expanded my parameters a bit to look at some intermediate Yamaha horns:

At almost twice my price range, there's a dead mint YTS52 for $1050. Yes, it's expensive. However, I know how good the 52s are.
There's a YAS-34II here for $899. It's in very good cosmetic shape, but based on the lack of pics of pads and ugly, ugly mouthpiece green goo, it probably needs a repad.
Here's a YAS-32 for $830 that's also in great shape cosmetically. Looks like a Selmer S80 mouthpiece is also included. That's about $145, right there. This one's probably the best bang for the buck.
We must go cheaper. Here's a nice looking YAS-32 for $688. It'll definitely need a repad.

Getting back on the sub-$500 track, here's a YAS-21 student horn for $275. Maybe 7/10 cosmetically. Again, needs a repad.
Yamaha YAS-32. 7/10. $500.
Vito YAS-23 Stencil. $500. Too expensive. Looks like some rust on one of the toneholes.
Yamaha YAS-23. 6.5/10. $469.
Vito YAS-23 Stencil. 7.5/10. $475.
Vito YAS-23 Stencil. 7/10. $399. Otto Link hard rubber mouthpiece.
Kessler Custom. $399. 8/10.

Some dealer horns:

From JunkDude.com:
Vito YAS-23 Stencil.6/10. $425.
YAS-23 Stencil. 6/10. $450.
Vito YAS-23 Stencil. 6/10. $425.

Good dealer. Usually ugly horns :). Read the descriptions. If he says that it's got good pads and is in playing condition, it is.

From 2ndending.com:
Vito Yamaha YAS-21 Stencil: $399. Overhauled.

There were several horns out there that were in the "cheap" range, but had a bunch of problems: bad rust, missing parts, etc. I also passed on a couple that were too expensive.

Of all of these, I'd pick the YAS-32. Changing my mind, I think that $399 overhauled Vito from 2ndending.com is excellent choice, too.
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