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What are you Listening to?

I just replaced a turntable that has been broken for well over a year.

I gigged this afternoon for a corporate holiday party, got home, and put on "The Baddest Turrentine" by Stanley Turrentine. Turrentine, Getz, Desmond and quite a few other sax players sound better to me on vinyl.



Brassica Oleracea
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I never heard of Pablo Sarasate before hearing this. It looks like a) this was originally for violin and 2) based on how many YouTube videos are out there of this, I'm probably late to the party. Well, that just gives me a new composer to listen to today!

It's 10 min 44 sec long. I think it's worth your time if you can spare it!

Carl H.

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Distinguished Member
Listening to the soundtrack (edited) for the show I am in the middle of recording. Trying to get the cuts accurate and easily readable to continue doing songs in 1 take. Hopefully done by Saturday.

The past few days I have been reflecting on all of the theater (amateur/pro pit) gigs I played over the years and started thinking about the really-good tunes (usually a musical has one or two) a show is known for. I thought about A Chorus Line and "At the Ballet" was/is my favorite from that show. I have been on Youtube listening to many iterations of the song - great orchestration, harmonically hip, just a nicely-composed song. Give it a listen!
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