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What are your doubles?


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At an intermediate level: Soprillo, sopranino, C and Bb sopranos, f mezzo, alto, C melody, tenor, bari, and bass saxophones.

At a less than intermediate level: C and Bb Sopranos, alto, bass, contra alto and contrabass clarinet.

So bad I shouldn't own one, but I do for noodling purposes: Flute, S,A,T,B recorders, octarina, guitar, bass, and piano.
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At an intermediate level:
Soprillo, sopranino, soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, bari, and bass saxophones.

At a less than intermediate level:
Soprano, alto, bass, and contrabass clarinet.

So bad I shouldn't own one, but I do for noodling purposes:
Flute, S,A,T,B recorders, octarina, guitar, bass, and piano.
Wot? No Blues harp? :cool:

Here it's Eb, C, Bb, Alto and Bass clarinet on a "productive" level,
Alto Sax on noodling and
Flute on "red face" level.
Interesting thread :)

I've doubled in various settings and combinations on;

Electric and acoustic guitar
Bass guitar
Upright Bass
Tenor sax
Alto sax

My longest and still best instrument is guitar that I've played for 26 years. Although, now it's my secondary instrument as I'm focused these days on sax. I've also been playing/working more on my clarinet chops in hopes of getting out with that soon. Bass clarinet is on the radar too :cool:


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Here are the ones I've performed on, or would consider performing on:

  • picc/G treble/Eb soprano/C/alto/bass flutes
  • oboe/English horn/heckelphone
  • Bb soprano/alto/bass/Eb contra/Bb contra clarinets
  • bassoon (I've performed on contrabassoon, but don't own one)
  • sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bari saxes (I've played bass, but don't own one)
  • Bb bass and Eb contra sarrusophone
  • trombone/bass trombone
  • classical/electric/12 string guitars
  • bass guitar
  • piano/fender rhodes (nothing too complicated)
  • garklein/sopranino/soprano/alto/tenor/bass recorders (also contrabass, but don't own one)
  • soprano/tenor crumhorns
  • soprano/alto/tenor shawms
  • bass cornamuse
The horns I use every week are the bass/Eb contra/Bb contra clarinets, and classical guitar. I spent last spring playing with an early music group, and played all the older stuff there. Tenor & bari, flute/bass flute when the dance band gets itself together. Used to play bari/bass clarinet/Eb contra sarrusophone in a jazz big band :-D

S (not willingly, don't own)
T (main instrument these days)
B (don't own)

Flute (was originally my main instrument)

Recorders SSATB

Guitar (if there's not somebody better around, which there invariably is)

Tin Whistle

& I'm starting to dabble with blues harp.....
I picked up Tenor sax first quickly followed by Alto and Sop. I picked up Bari several years later.

I picked up clarinet a year after Tenor and then flute a year after that. Ever since I've been practicing sax, clarinet and flute equally, but most of my playing is on Tenor.

I played a couple of musicals at a local theatre in the last two years. One was on clarinet/flute and a bit of alto sax/bass clarinet, and the other was mostly flute and a bit of bari.

I got a bass clarinet a couple of years ago. Last year I bought a piccolo and plan to take some lessons to get a good sound, just like I did for bass clarinet.

I plan on getting an alto flute this year and taking lessons at the same time as for piccolo.

I've also been learning to play piano for a year but that is not for performing, but more for arranging purposes, and also for something different than woodwinds.

Out of all the woodwinds for me bass clarinet is the hardest to get around, especially for jazz improv, and piccolo is the hardest chopwise to get those high notes with a good sound.

Interesting, bpimentel your comment about getting more gigs after picking up oboe/english horn. Out of oboe, english horn, and bassoon which one would be more likely to get you gigs? I guess that depends on whether you prefer high or low woodwinds, but in my case I don't really mind either way.
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alto flute
Bb clarinet
bass clarinet
soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones
whistle (in D)
a couple sideblown wood flutes

I would consider myself primarily a tenor player.
Piano, string bass, trumpet (cornet, flugelhorn), valve trombone, saxes (tenor, alto, bari). I used to play slide trombone but do not own one now.

Oboe: My primary instrument; have been playing it for 12 years; I have a Buffet model and never felt the need to get a Loree, because it plays beautifully :)
English Horn: My favorite instrument to play; I own a $10K Loree rare model
Bassoon: I've played it in several community and professional orchestras...taught myself for fun at first...then got so many calls i just decided to buy one.
Flute: My first instrument, luckily enough...lucky since i don't have the embouchure problems that seem to plague the single reed doublers. Own a crappy student flute and a Gemeinhardt with a gold lip plate.
Piccolo: Played throughout high school in marching band.
Alto Sax: Own one...have a very nice (and expensive) jazz mouthpiece
Soprano Sax: Don't have one, but before I taught myself clarinet i used to play the clarinet parts on soprano.
Tenor Sax: Don't own one, but since i'm a double reed player it always seems to come up in the parts (so i borrow).
Baritone Sax: My main instrument that I play when I play jazz...unfortunately, i don't own one...I used a friend's, but he has since moved :-(
Clarinet: I own a nice wood Yamaha...it works for me.
Bass Clarinet: Don't own, but might invest soon.

I dabble on Guitar and Piano, but i don't say i can play them until i can play hard passages sightreading without trouble...

Most frequent is def just straight up oboe/english horn, because no one seems to play them, much less OWN an english horn.
It's been a while, but I have added to my list of doubles:
Tenor Recorder, Alto Recorder, Sopranino Recorder, and Bass Clarinet... I plan on getting either an alto flute, English horn, E flat clarinet, and soprano sax next, but in no particular order.
I got my Bachelor's and Master's in English Horn/Oboe Performance, but...

In Score Order...
What I Own-
English Horn
Clarinet in Eb, Bb and A
Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone

Don't own, but have access to-
Bass Clarinet
Bari Sax

Have played regularly, but don't own or really have personal access to-
Alto and Bass Flute

I think that's all that's in my 2nd bedroom without going in there. lol
Here is an updated list for me :)

Sopranino recorder
Soprano recorder
Alto recorder
Tenor recorder
Pennywhistle in High D
Irish flute in High Bb
Alto flute*
English horn*
Soprano Saxophone*
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone*
Bass clarinet
Contrabass Clarinet in Eb*

The instruments with a * are ones I don't own, but have used in the past
Main instrument - Tenor Sax (also own an alto, don't bring it to the gig anymore *)


  1. Wind Synthesizer - (Yamaha WX5 controller plus Yamaha VL70m and Yamaha TX81z modules)
  2. Flute
  3. Guitar
  4. Vocals
  5. Drums/Percussion (I only use a percussion controller on the gig *)
  6. Bass (don't bring it to the gig anymore *)
  7. Some Keyboards (don't bring it to the gig anymore *)
* Too much to schepp - I do one-nighters

♪♪ Notes
My current list of doubles =]

I have really updated my collection over the past few months, and finally got my baritone sax before I turned 20 years old(only 3 months away); since that has been a goal for a while =]

*Pennywhistle in D
*Sopranino recorder
*Soprano recorder
*Alto recorder
*Tenor recorder
*Alto saxophone
*Tenor saxophone
*Baritone saxophone
*Bass clarinet
I finally got around to visiting my forums today.
It's nice to come over here and have a familiar layout after being over at SOTW.

Thanks Merlin , I used you a s a template.
I play these well enough to gig on;
Bb/A Clarinet
Alto Clarinet
EEb Contrabass Clarinet
BBb Contrabass Clarinet
Soprano Sax
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Baritone Sax
Sopranino Recorder
Soprano Recorder
Alto Recorder
Tenor Recorder
Eb Alto Horn
Chromatic Harmonica
EWI (old analog)
Snare Drum or any drum played with sticks , Timbales , etc.
Misc. Shaky Percussion

I play/record but would not gig on;
Accordion (maybe gig but I can't use the buttons)
Eb Clarinet
Song Flute
Drum Set

I hope to learn in the future
Bass Guitar
Penny Whistle/Low Whistle

I'll never be able to play :(

I feel like I've forgotten something.:D


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I've played the following horns on gigs at one time or another:

Soprano saxophone
A Clarinet
Bb Clarinet
C clarinet
Alto saxophone
Eb clarinet
English horn
Tenor saxophone
Alto clarinet
Baritone saxophone
Bass clarinet
Contralto clarinet
Contrabass clarinet
Drums and percussion

The scariest was trumpet. Though I'd taken lessons for four years and performed a bit, I'd never played on a concert stage with an orchestra before, and wasn't ready for the acoustic difference between brass and woodwinds. On woodwinds, the sound tends to come out the entire instrument and sort of lingers all around you, so you get a good idea of how you sound. On trumpet, the sound leaves the front of the horn at 500 mile per hour and disappears somewhere far out there in the audience! You have no time to hear and adjust--you either get it right or you don't. I had two brief dress rehearsals for the part I as playing--doubling a solo with the 1st chair trumpet--for which the 1st chair trumpet did not show up! And I sounded awful both times because I felt so far out of my element. But come performance time, I--and the lead player who decided to show up--played the solo perfectly (I owe that to the power of prayer). Whew!