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What is your alto flute set up?

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
I'm using a Dimedici alto flute with a solid silver curved head joint. I'm quite happy with it. The Dimedici has a beautiful quality of sound and I find it to be especially impressive with its fullness and clarity in the high range.

I too have a DiMedici curved head alto. I'm very impressed with the low end. I have not as yet mastered the tone in the second and third octaves. I'm still working on the head and neck positions. Any advice?
Gemeinhardt - I have both straight and curved solid silver heads. I prefer the straight one for tone and intonation. I can hear myself a little better with the curved hj but I also get hand cramps in short order when using it vs the straight.
I have had a straight Silver head Gemm for 25+ years. Played it some yesterday for a memorial service. I have some muscle problems so I am in some pain today. I'm OK with my Jupiter bass flute so I'm considering a curved head alto now. Hardly use either but it would be nice to enjoy them when I do.

Any recommendations for curved head altos? Lots of no name Asian ones out there. I would be inclined to get a Jupiter, Gemm, or Dean Yang based on what I have read. $1500 price point. How about Allora?
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