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What is your alto setup?

Dave Dolson

Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
I had seven altos in my closet until I returned an early '60's MKVI to my adult son (I had given it to him, then was keeping it for him while he went through a nasty divorce a few years ago).

Now, I've settled on my '32 Cigar Cutter using a Meyer 6S-Medium Chamber and soft reeds (like Java 1 1/2 or 2). I also use a standard Rovner lig on it because that smooths out the whole set-up and gives me better response, especially at D2.

I like the old-tyme sound and the singing quality I get from the soft reeds. I also carry along a Don Sinta mouthpiece (acquired from Ed - thanks again for that one) if more volume is needed, although a reed change will also do the same thing for me on the Meyer. DAVE
Current Alto setup is a Selmer Ref. 54 Hummingbird with a Jody Jazz DV 7 and LaVoz Med. Reeds. Another mouthpiece I enjoy is my 1979 classic Claude Lakey 4*3 w/Bonade Nickle Lig. and LaVoz Med. Reeds.
I have a cheap Chinese saxophone branded Allora, witch Hite Premiere mouthpiece, a Rovner dark ligature, and Vandoren 2.0 reeds, and I am currently able to use it to make noises that frighten our cats and, probably, cause unnecessary suffering to our neighbours.


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My alto setup has changed since I posted four years ago. I'm back to playing the gold plated Selmer mk6 that is listed in my old post. More character than the ref, takes a little more effort though.
My mouthpiece has also changed. The old HR Link finally wore out, so I'm now playing on a Link 7 HR that I had Mojo Bari reface for me. It's now a .103 opening and I actually like it better than the old piece.

And the beat goes on.......

Yani A900 with a Selmer C* or Rousseau Metal Jazz and Rovner lig.
1938 Buescher Aristocrat with Morgan 3C or Link TE 6*.

Lately I'm most of the time on the Yani but whenever I pick up the Crat I really enjoy the slick keywork. Gus did great things.
Here you go, these are a bit older and made with a simple camera and made inside as I recall.
The pitting shown in the last two pictures seems worse then in live view. This one was setup by Gayle.

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