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What type of oboe?

Hi, I have been given a Buffet Crampon oboe - it has the Buffet crampon Paris stamp on the bell and the number 7371 on the lower joint - came in a plastic case Buffet case. Trying to find out how old what model what type etc. But can’t get onto Buffet’s old website where you could search serial numbers and not sure if the 7371 is a serial or model number. Can anyone offer any advice?
Many thanks


College Student who likes wind instruments & music
Probably a serial-do you have photos? They'd be helpful in seeing if it's one of the ones Buffet made or one Marigaux stenciled for them!


College Student who likes wind instruments & music
It's not the number I needed, it's the entire oboe! I'm also pretty sure it's one Buffet made themselves, and somewhat recently. (last 30 years or so)
Judging by the fact it's missing some trill keys compared to some oboes, I would assume it's some kind of intermediate level model.
As I have basically no experience dealing with oboes buffet themselves made, I'm going to hope someone on here can help you with what model it is.


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It looks like a version of the Buffet 4121. The only reason I know this, because I'm not an oboe guy, is because I researched it on a different thread. Intermediate or advanced student quality, as far as oboes go -- from what I read, of course. Guesstimate of value? They cost about 1200 Pounds Sterling, new, in the mid-1990s. They now seem to hover around 600 Pounds Sterling. Yes, most of the ads I saw seem to be from Europe :).

If anyone else has a better answer, please share!
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