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what's the ''hole'' truth about MP's

Sorry, I just couldn't resist the pun. I am a rank beginner and it probably doesn't really make any difference for me, but I am curious and I really do want to learn as much as I can about clarinets, so does it really make any difference and if so, what is that difference that the shape of the bore of a mouthpiece makes? I see some, older mouthpieces like the HS* table that were manufactured with oval bores through them. Does this really make a difference and if so what is that difference, or is this just so much marketing hype? Are current production mouthpieces made this way? Are there round or rectangular or rhombic bores?


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You've no doubt heard that, "The mouthpiece, not the saxophone, is responsible for over 80% of the tone a musician gets while playing. And half of the sound that comes from the mouthpiece comes from the baffle. The closer you get to the initial source, or creation point, of the sound wave, the larger the impact you have on the sound. Since the baffle is the very first thing that the sound wave hits, it is where the initial shape of the sound is created and has the largest impact on the resultant sound coming out of the saxophone/mouthpiece set-up." ~ Theo Wanne

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