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Which alto players inspire you?

in my early years it was

Ace Cannon
Boots Randolph

later on

Phil Woods
Candy Dulpher

and more recently

Masato Honda

heck, I like em all, and wish I could play half as good as any of em
my favorite is when he does Fly Me to the Moon with Lena Park, he can make that Mark VII alto sing with her and answer everything she does. the dude is awesome.


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I'm still waiting for Terry to chime in with his favourite Alto Clarinet player... :cool:
<twiddles fingers>
Others not mentioned above (from all walks of life and no longer walking)

Lou Donaldson (I love his Tennessee Waltz in 4/4)
Frank Morgan
Pony Poindexter
Nelson Rangell
Zoot Sims (plays great on alto)


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I have been inspired by the following great alto players who are listed in the order in which I became familiar with their recordings.

Fred Hemke
Marcel Mule
Don Sinta
Vincent Abato
Harvey Pittel
Eugene Rousseau
Branford Marsalis (classical alto)


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Thanks Lance. You will have to admit that recordings of Rascher are quite rare compared to other virtuoso players.
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