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Which Moeck Tuju tenor is this?

Good afternoon everyone,

I am wondering which model number this Moeck Tuju Tenor (in C) has. It has two keys, one on the side. What I am also after is also a fingering chart. I looked at several including http://www.recorder-fingerings.com/en/Div.php?f=P&t=mMoe.bTu.3T&Aus=MoeTuT but it does not indicate how to use the side key.

I tried re-sizing the image below, lol, but I am not sure how to do that.

So in short:

1. Which Tuju tenor model is this?
2. How to use the side key...

Thanks for your help!
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Disregarding the left hand pinky/side key, that appears to be German fingering. Can't be totally sure, but even from an angle, that #4 is looking too big to be otherwise. If you haven't already gathered, german fingering instruments are generally avoided.




But other than the pinky key, it looks like normal german fingering with no C# or D#. I've never seen a left hand pinky key like that. That isn't saying a whole lot, as I constantly feel like there is a world of recorder information I am missing by not reading German. There seem to be a number of Tujus that show up on ebay with some sort of additional keywork, usually on/around #4, ostensibly to adapt german fingering instruments to be a bit more like baroque fingering.

If you play a baroque fingering for F natural (0 1234 67) with the left hand pinky down on that extra key (0 123' 4 67 ?) , you might get F natural, as pressing the key would have the effect of enlarging hole #5. Another thought could be that it is intended to be an addition to german fingering as an F# key. If you have the instrument, try German F, then press the pinky key. Then try baroque F, then press the pinky key. Along with a tuner, I think that should provide clues to the intention of that pinky key.
Dear Gurzil,
Thanks for your reply. I did try the F out and started my tuning app on the iPad. Indeed, playing a German F and pressing the side-key plays an F#. Such simple advice helped me solve this tenor's mystery key!

I picked this recorder up for $75 as I was interested in the side key. With the original box and the extraordinary condition, I think it was a good buy (estate sale). They probably sell for a bit more in the real world, so I might sell it, or keep it as a novelty.

Thanks again,