Which one to keep?

I have three clarinets, I'm keeping one and selling the other two - but I don't know which one is best! Can you guys help me out?

Boosey & Hawkes 2-20 Wood made in England serial # 192970 (possibly from the 1960's according to http://www.clarinetperfection.com/snclarinet.htm)

Buffet E-11 Wood made in West Germany serial [HASHTAG]#397897[/HASHTAG] (which I saw from another source is probably made in 1995)

Malerne Standard Wood made in Paris serial # A7634 (possibly from 1940's according to http://www.clarinetperfection.com/snclarinet.htm)

All are in similar condition - but I don't need them all. Any ideas?
I've heard good things about Malerne clarinets.
Boosey & Hawkes weren't too popular here in the states, but could be pretty good.
I would say go with the E11 -IF-it were made in France. I have a 1971 Buffet Evette Master Model made in France that plays as well as any R13 I've tried.

If none of them really grab you and say I'm the one, sell the lot and go shopping.
... And get a Yamaha wooden clarinet. You'll be pleased. And invest in a good mouthpiece. I use a Selmer C85/120 and I'm very happy with that.
If you haven't got a good mouthpiece, get one now and see if that changes your opinion of any of the clarinets you have already.
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