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Why Jazz isn't more popular


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I've been playing in a band that has some Bob Enevoldsen manuscripts. Now there's a guy that wrote out EXACTLY how he wanted the arrangement to be played--lots of > and ^ accents so that you can read it down right the FIRST time you play it.
Yeuch. Talk about cluttered scores... (and then there are those who can typeset a complete piece in any of the styles below)
Why not just write "swing" or "straight 8's"? Jeez.
The -, > and ^ articulations are handy for telling the sections when a note should be long, short, etc. It isn't always obvious just from the note values themselves or the phrases. The o and + marks in brass sections typically associate with use of plunger mutes.
Steen, have you tried practicing reading separately from the jazz playing? I would try reading for 20 minutes a day, everyday. Just read the notes and rhythms, don't worry about any jazz inflection. Take it slowly, but you have to do some everyday. Over a period of time, reading will come to you, if you practice everyday.

Thank you Julian. I have in the past but work gets in the way so it becomes erratic and I lose track. I know you are right. Best, Steen