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" Wonderful world of music ".

Hi everyone...I enjoy contributing to the wonderful world of music. I enjoy the creativity of my fellow musicians and other artist. I like to share ideas with other creative minds. This forum is yet another great place for the meeting of the minds. I truly enjoy this "Wonderful World Of Music".
I'm a Musician, Author and Creative Arts contributor. Started on Drums then Bass, Percussion, Sax, Flute ,Piano and some guitar. Sax became my main instrument, but I got good enough to show other musicians my arrangements on other instruments. Also younger students and neighbors wanted to learn various instruments so I wanted to help them as older musicians had helped me. That led to me putting my ideas in a book. Many of my peers like my teaching method. I like exchanging thougts on various topics. So...hi everyone. I would like to share my Ideas with the forum and also appreciate others who contribute to the "Wonderful World Of Music".
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