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woodwind duos/trios book (jazz and classical tunes)

Hi everyone,

Letting you know about a book that I've just released of about 30 duets and trios. The tunes range from beginner to advanced, and have classical as well as jazz styles, and the kids locally love it!
The aim was for a teacher to have something for everyone, or for students to get something out of this book as they develop.
What's more, the books are compatible with each other! So, if a clarinetist had a clarinet copy, and a flautist had a flute copy, they can play together. (books for pretty much every wind instrument).

There's a free tune or two available on my website so you can try it out, as well as hear a few audio samples.
visit http://pigletmusic.com/product-category/ensemble-sheet-music/23-and-4-part/companion-series/

If you're looking to start learning improvisation, i've also written a book for beginning jazz players. Has been received VERY well! You can get the gist of it on a youtube clip at

Thanks Gandalfe,

I did a big long reply but it's not come up. Did I hit the wrong button or is it being moderated?

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to look around my site. I really need all the support I can get in this early stages.


Oh, and for the horn… they're an indecisive bunch aye. Woodwind or brass, classical or jazz??? :)

(nah, for any horn players, they're the instrument I use in an emotional song when you need to really pull at the heart strings).



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