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Xenforo 2.0 Themes

Your demand is my wish. Wait. That's not right.

Anyhow, I've installed "Dark Tabbed - Blue." I have a bunch of other versions of this theme, but I needed to play around with the "default" first. Mainly, I just turned off about 50 settings. It took a long while to figure out where to find the avatar heights were.

As mentioned above, there is a full demo on Nulumia's website, so you can see what other options I could add here. At this point, though, I'd just ask for the folks that like this dark theme to see if there are any problems and RSVP. I might add more color combos in the near future.

EDIT: That's interesting. I'm using the new theme now, just to test. When you add a link, it's white. After you save the post, the link becomes blue.
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