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Yamaha What?

Hi. I am new to this forum and need some information regarding a clarinet that I just acquired. It has very few markings that I can barely read but what is there is 1. Nippon Gakki 2. Serial no. 00300. I'm guessing that it is a Yamaha pro model from a while back but cannot really determine which. Need some help. Thank you.



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Moving and redirecting to a better area.

"Nippon Gakki" is just a company name. It doesn't tell you anything about instrument quality. Nippon Gakki made student horns before they became Yamaha.

I'd highly recommend posting a bunch of pics. You should let this post be your guide. I'll also add @Steve, who may have more info on older Yamaha horns. Most of my info is post-company rename.

I can tell you that, as a rule of thumb, if the horn's plastic, it's not a pro model. There were intermediate wooden horns, such as the venerable YCL-34, so just knowing that the horn is wood also doesn't say much.

You should also do some Googling and post any results you find here. Add to the knowledge base!

The serial number probably is like those found on Yamahas: it means nothing except to Yamaha. The best recommendation I have on that is to write them and see what they have to say.

Finally, while I do know that Gakki "became" Yamaha in 1966, they did have some saxophone models, at least, that look like they carried into the late 1960s, if not beyond.
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