The Ultimate Woodwind Doubler’s Stand

A veteran bass clarinet player’s take on the whole instrument stand controversy (complete with photos and directions for making your very own) by: Terry L. “SOTSDO” Stibal, Esq. One problem that has faced clarinet and saxophone players from the early 19th Century was just … Continue reading

Are Vintage Instruments Practical?

A couple of months ago a thread was started in the Woodwind Forum that got me thinking. The thread’s title, Are vintage instruments practical for everyday use?, was originally referring to clarinets, but I see the question applicable to saxophones … Continue reading

Vintage Or Modern?

Vintage or modern saxophones: Which one should you get? Which should you avoid? My Inbox is regularly flooded with emails from people asking for advice on the purchase of a vintage horn that they’re either considering, or have just made. … Continue reading