Are Vintage Instruments Practical?

A couple of months ago a thread was started in the Woodwind Forum that got me thinking. The thread’s title, Are vintage instruments practical for everyday use?, was originally referring to clarinets, but I see the question applicable to saxophones … Continue reading

Demo of how attitude affects tone

What exactly do you mean by attitude affects tone? In this promotional video for Cannonball saxophones, renowned saxophonist Don Menza, plays a Cannonball Vintage Tenor with the “Brute” finish and Lady Godiva engraving (just in case you were interested). But … Continue reading

The Source Of Tone

Just what is our source of tone, and how do we change it? Our unique, individual sound originates in our chest cavities. Our internal shape, our lung capacity, and the breathing techniques we use: these are some of the key … Continue reading