Love these horns! I've never seen one in such detail. I remember when Doctor Rick (?) had one for sale years ago as part of his 3/4 of a million $ set of saxes.

What's that MP all about? Is it original to the sax?
I strongly doubt the mouthpiece is original. I'd expect a Conn Eagle, like this one. There were also ones with a metal band around them, like this. In other words, kinda close to a Sigurd Rascher mouthpiece.

If you like Conn engraving on overload, you need to look at brasswinds. Here's an article on the Conn 5oth anniversary Sousaphone. Here's another that I found when randomly searching.

There were some Conn baritones that were done in the Virtuoso Deluxe 000 finish, but I've only seen two or three. I haven't seen any basses. I have seen a 16V Sarrusophone in gold plate, but not much in the engraving department. In any case, I'd rather fast forward a couple years to this bari on Matt Stohrer's website. That's a much nicer horn.

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1926 Conn New Wonder Virtuoso Deluxe
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