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bb clarinet

  1. mmatisoff

    Bass clarinet pad leads

    I own a used Vito Reso-tone bass clarinet. I've taken it to two different repair techs. The first tech said he repaired the bent keys and leaking pads. Unfortunately, the poor guy didn't do it right, so I had to bring it back to him. He still didn't know how to fix bent keys and didn't see that...
  2. mmatisoff

    Rose Etudes

    I'm nearing the completion of the Rose Etudes 32 and 40. Can you recommend more etudes (or anything else) that will enable me to continue advancing in my studies. I play Bb and bass clarinet. Thanks
  3. An 'A Clarinet' that measures 26.5 inches?

    I have just bought a Boosey & Hawkes Emperor clarinet in a charity shop. I got it serviced in a shop near where I live. I recognised the wood as African Blackwood before I bought it (I used to be a flute maker) and the shop claimed that the clarinet is also at least 63 years old with sterling...
  4. Help to identify a Selmer please?

    Hi, My 14 year old son is currently borrowing a 'pair' of clarinets from my brother's girlfriend. The Bb instrument is marked as a Selmer although the marking is quite worn. It is the laurel leaves circlet with SELMER across the middle HENRI above, and PARIS below (both inside the circlet)...
  5. Which Leger Reed for a Yamaha YCL 255 clarinet

    My daughter has experienced a reaction to her wood reeds so we are thinking of a Leger reed. She has a Bb Yamaha YCL 255 clarinet but the reeds are sold under Soprano, Bass, ... I can't determine if her student clarinet is a Soprano etc. I am thinking the Leger standard cut 2.5 for Soprano is...
  6. Can a crack in the bell really cause such problems?

    Hello. First post. I hope it 's ok to post it here. My daughter dropped my clarinet on the floor today and there is now a crack in the bell. Nowever, it feels almost as if the tube is blocked. Can a crack in the bell really make a drastic change in sound? Hope I can find a replacement for the...
  7. New 'medium soft' Bari synthetic reed too hard?

    Hello, I have recently purchased a bari medium soft synthetic clarinet reed to try, as it's a relatively new thing. But when it came to my mail yesterday, i found it very hard to make good tones. I wanted a softer reed to play lower notes, but the reed seems to be too hard. Now, when i got...
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