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Help to identify a Selmer please?


My 14 year old son is currently borrowing a 'pair' of clarinets from my brother's girlfriend. The Bb instrument is marked as a Selmer although the marking is quite worn. It is the laurel leaves circlet with SELMER across the middle HENRI above, and PARIS below (both inside the circlet) beneath the circlet, there appears to be a small stamped circle possibly with an R in it although it is difficult to see, and then under that 'MADE IN FRANCE'. There is potentially another marking under this - possibly starting with a P and ending with an e or c? Each part of the clarinet seems to be stamped with the same number - F6809 - which I thought must be the serial number, but I can't find any reference to serial numbers starting with F on the web anywhere!

I am just looking for information about what exactly it is - so that I can make sure it is properly insured while in my sons care, but also out of interest and for future reference - eventually I will probably have to buy him a pair of his own!



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According to Steve, the 10G had serial numbers starting with "E74xx" in 1991. That would imply that an "F" serial number is from the late 1990s or early 2000s, depending on how many horns were in the "E" serial number range. Unfortunately, most serial number charts on the web end in the 1980s, so I can't be more specific.

It's a good idea to include pictures. Someone may be able to tell, at a glance, what you have and when it was made. Failing everything, you can call or write Selmer at www.conn-selmer.com or www.selmer.fr.


Oh. I'd say that generally a matching set of clarinets does mean they're both higher-end pro horns. However, I've also put student horns in those cases because it was convenient. So if you assume you have a pro Bb and A pair of clarinets, you can do insurance for two different things: either for the value of the instrument or the replacement value of a new Selmer pro clarinet. In other words, you can just look up the price for a new pro Selmer clarinet then say, "I need insurance for $X." A new Selmer Signature sells for $5500. A used Selmer 10S sells for about $1500 or less on eBay.
To amplify the above; the serial numbers are stamped on the two joints (the longer pieces with the metal keys attached)...readable pix of those serial numbers and one of the Selmer stamp (on the front of the top joint) would help.