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Which Leger Reed for a Yamaha YCL 255 clarinet

My daughter has experienced a reaction to her wood reeds so we are thinking of a Leger reed. She has a Bb Yamaha YCL 255 clarinet but the reeds are sold under Soprano, Bass, ... I can't determine if her student clarinet is a Soprano etc.

I am thinking the Leger standard cut 2.5 for Soprano is the safest choice. Any suggestions?
How long can I expect one to last?

Carl H.

Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
The standard clarinet played in school music programs is the Bb soprano clarinet.

As to the best strength for a student, that depends - on the mouthpiece, and the player.

What mouthpiece is your daughter playing and how long has she been playing? An option which may fly better with the band director is the fibracell reeds. They are still synthetic, but they look like cane, and to some band director types, looks are what matters, not performance.


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Yes, you want soprano. One of the nice things about Legere is that they come in quarter sizes, and they have a generous 30 day exchange policy if you buy the wrong size. They do feel a bit different, and in my opinion are a bit harder on average than cane, so 2.25 may be a good starting point if she is currently playing 2.5 in a cane reed, although cane reed strengths can differ dramatically from one brand to another as well.

In terms of life, if well cared for (always a challenge with a young player), she should easily get four to six months of life, if not more. Have her put the cap on the mouthpiece if she sets the horn down for any length of time, and don't leave the reed on the mouthpiece in the case. Put it back in the package, or get a reed guard to store them.

Another trick with synthetics, once you have zeroed in on a size, is to have several and rotate them on a regular basis.


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My big problem with the brand was the "sharp edges" of the reed. Since they are smooth surfaced (compared to all others that I ever tried) the edges would slowly produce small cuts on both the lower and upper lips. Not a pleasant experience.

Since your daughter experienced a 'reaction' it may be something fungal in nature. Does she put the reed away wet? Is it an old horn or case?

if making a change, I'd try the Fibercel first before moving to the Legere. Cheaper, too...