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  1. digitalmatt

    Do classical concerts work?

    I am interested in getting a sense of how the way classical musicians present classical music ("art music") affects how audiences listen. Mainstream discourse has circled around the lack of programming of music by women, non-binary, and composers of color and answers regarding this issue are of...
  2. Clarinet song suggestions

    Hi! My partner has hit a road block and has lost her passion to play clarinet at the moment. She needs some new music to get her excited about music again, but I play harp so I have no idea what clarinet music sounds good or where to find beautiful clarinet music. Any suggestions would be really...
  3. mmatisoff

    Yamaha CS series versus SE series

    I've been reading everything I can about the CE and SE series of Yamaha clarinets. According to the Yamaha web site: "The CS series has a shorter and narrower inner bore taper followed by a longer straight section which allows the clarinet to deliver a straight, concentrated and clear tone. The...
  4. mmatisoff

    Finding other musicians

    How do I go about finding violinists, cellist, and/or pianists who play at my level (intermediate), i.e., want to play classical, i.e chamber, classical, romantic, etc. with other musicians.
  5. mmatisoff


    Hello, My name is Marty Matisoff. I started playing the clarinet again after a 43-year hiatus. I was surprised to learn just how strong muscle memory is. I'm looking forward to the day when I can play in a trio or an ensemble.
  6. Would like a new Clarinet

    Hi, I would like to obtain new clarinet and mouthpiece to perform free jazz AND classical music. I play Buffet E11. Looking for something that would have classical sound but much more better versatility (jumping from through registers, when you don't need to care for brake so much). What...
  7. saxismyaxe

    WF New People Introductions

    (Edit, from pete: I split this from the Introducing the Staff thread ...) Hey, I know you! :lol: Hi Pete. I think everyone is going to know everyone else here, at least for the very first few weeks or so. Never the less, My name is Michael, a.k.a. Saxismyaxe, and I'm addicted to...
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