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My name is Marty Matisoff. I started playing the clarinet again after a 43-year hiatus. I was surprised to learn just how strong muscle memory is. I'm looking forward to the day when I can play in a trio or an ensemble.

Welcome, small ensemble work can be really fun. Are you playing an instrument from 43 years ago?
I'm playing a Yamaha 20 I picked up about 6 mo. ago. When I first starting taking lessons, I played a no-name wood clarinet. Once I feel confident in my playing skills, I'd like to buy a Yamaha SEV or CSG.


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FWIW, you might be blown away by some of the recently-produced -- and now fairly cheap on eBay -- Yamaha clarinets. You might even find that one of the older intermediate models are more than good enough. Unless you really want to spend lots of $. Hey, I just bought a computer today, so you could send me some of the extra $ .... :)
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