1. Problems with my "Quena" and Octaves

    Hi there! I'm new here. I'm from Argentina and a good piano man. I also have others instruments. But now I want to ask about my Quena. I bought it in North-Argentina in my vacations trip. So, now I want to learn how to play it and it was going good. But the problems started when I wanted to go...
  2. mmatisoff

    Using D# key on flute

    t's been 30+ years since I last played the flute. I rented a Yamaha flute from the local music store so that I could relearn it. I also own a Maestro open-hole flute. I noticed that when I play from low staff E up to above staff C (two lines above the staff) on both flutes, there is no change in...
  3. Beautiful Woodwind Quintet

    Play in woodwind quintet? Here is a beautiful work, "Euphoria", by David Carovillano. Like it? Let me know if you would like to play it. http://www.maestroscorner.com/euphoria-for-woodwind-quintet/
  4. Experienced Tech in South Jersey?

    Hi All, anyone in this group work from or know of any experienced flute repairmen in South New Jersey? I have a good customer who's moved there and needs a bit of help after her flute was damaged. Any recommendations very welcome. thanks to all-
  5. Ledoux?

    Hey Folks! I've played the flute for about eight years (as well as sax and clarinet for the last two years), and I just recently started picking up flute repair on the side. To start off, I went up to the attic and got the old flute my mom used when she was in high school. It's marked...
  6. have you guys heard of yamazuki brand?

    hi guys. is yamazuki any good? have u guys even heard or played this brand's instruments??? i bumped on this yamazuki at a 2nd hand (used stuffs) store. it said 239 Singapore dollar. which is about 173 USD. it's actually brand new, never been used before by the owner (so the shopkeeper...
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