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have you guys heard of yamazuki brand?

hi guys.

is yamazuki any good?

have u guys even heard or played this brand's instruments???

i bumped on this yamazuki at a 2nd hand (used stuffs) store. it said 239 Singapore dollar. which is about 173 USD.

it's actually brand new, never been used before by the owner (so the shopkeeper said)

since i am completely new in this woodwind section, i'd like u guys give me some opinion. :-D (i dont even know what type the flute is, i think it's alto flute)

btw. this flute is for my cousin which is 13 years old. and from what i see, the flute is about 50cm in length. does it suit him well? what kind of flute do kids use for starter?


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Hi and welcome Bilibili. The instrument you describe is probably not going to suit your cousin, or anyone for that matter, well. You usually have to spend a bit more to get an instrument that is playable both in terms of intonation and durability. Many a parent has tried to buy as cheap an instrument possible and that makes it very difficult for a student to achieve success.

I recommend student-level Yamaha flutes. There are even some nice student-level Armstrong's. But if you are looking at second-hand instruments, it would be nice to get a teacher to look at them with you. This could save your cousin a lot of grief down the road. I actually bought my grandson and wife a brand-new Gemeinhardt 3SHB for $300 that he is very happy with. I'm not sure if those deals are still on eBay anymore.

You get what you pay for. A cheap flute will most likely need immediate repairs before it will play. Reputable technicians will usually refuse to work on such an instrument because they know they can't make the customer happy.
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wow, thanks.
this is one quick reply! hehe.

well, Gemeinhardt is a european brand isn't it?
i'll probably looking for some european brand here in singapore as well.

any brand that u can recommend?

and for the kids. the types of flutes, is it usually based on the kids age or height?? like alto flute for younger kids? sopranos or whatsoever for older kids? (sorry, i don't really know much about flutes, i played piano) and if it is, what type u would recommend as well?

THANKS, gandalfe! btw, my name is Billy. nice to be in this forum.


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Geminhardt is the brand that my sister swears by. Maybe that was "at" instead of "by". I might be misremembering ....

Juuuuust joking.

There will be several other suggestions, coming along shortly. However, if you're looking for "quality" and "inexpensive", it's hard to go wrong with Yamaha.


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In my book all beginners should start with the soprano flute and stay away from the exotics like the piccollo, alto or bass flute unless:
1. You have money to burn.
2. Don't mind if a kid with expensive instruments quit in a year because the intruments are hard to play and there are fewer parts.
3. You are unable to talk to a music instructor who knows flutes.
Local schools usually have music people/teachers who love to talk about this stuff. As you get closer to making a purchase decision, I'd really recommend you talk to a local pro/hobbyist. BTW, that's how I found my best second-hand purchases. :cool:
Your better off with a Hondasaki ! :-D

Actually, a pocket trumpet is a bad choice for a beginner trumpet player.
You're better off staying with a standard Bb trumpet. Easier to play, with
better intonation and slotting.

Again, Yamaha and Bach both make lower priced trumpets for not a lot of money. If new prices are a little scary, especially if you're not sure your kid will stay with it. Try and find a local dealer that rents. Look for a place tha allows you to apply some if not all, of the rental money towards purchase.

If looking to buy right now, Ebay always has a lot of Yamaha's available for cheap. Yamaha's usually hold up better than the lower priced Bachs and are less of a gamble.


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I had a friend who was a studio trumpet player (and I was married to a studio trumpet player, too, but this guy was better). He bought a very high-end pocket trumpet and hated the intonation.

Try to find a good Yamaha. Schilke would be nice.
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