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  1. Beginner pieces?

    Hello guys, I have started my clarinet journey a week ago, and i was thinking of learning to play something simple enough in the following weeks, because mindless scale runs can get boring quickly :) Do you have any recommendations for classical pieces that are relatively easy and can help me...
  2. New to the Forum!!!

    Hello! My name is Will and I am new to the Woodwind Forum. I am a woodwind player (saxophone, flute, clarinet, bassoon) who just moved to Las Vegas! I have a lot of experience playing many different styles, but my favorite gig is a pit orchestra gig for a musical! I graduated from Murray...

    Plot (and musical) questions about Urinetown

    I've seen the show, and I've downloaded the musical tracks from iTunes (something I have seldom done thus far), and I know that at one point Mr. Barrel (the subordinate policeman in Urinetown) reveals a "terrible secret". My question is, just what is this "terrible secret"? I don't recall it...
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