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Beginner pieces?

Hello guys, I have started my clarinet journey a week ago, and i was thinking of learning to play something simple enough in the following weeks, because mindless scale runs can get boring quickly :)

Do you have any recommendations for classical pieces that are relatively easy and can help me improve while learning them? Thanks in advance


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Check out the Rubank Elementary Method for Clarinet (a great beginner's book). The first half is scales and intervals, but the second half has some basic tunes and etudes you can play, although not really classical per se. I don't think there are too many (if any) classical pieces for beginning clarinet.


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https://www.scribd.com/ document/324042413/Clarinet-Rubank-Intermediate-Method (I put a little space in there because it was actually displaying the entire book)

You can use their free trial and get a bunch of older books, like Rubank's, which I'd also recommend. You can probably also get that at a local library or through interlibrary loan. Or, of course, if you have a university or college near you that has a library open to the public, that could serve you pretty well.

https://www.8notes.com/clarinet/classical/sheet_music/ is also free and has only about 495 entries.

Eastman School of Music has some stuff online.
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