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New to the Forum!!!


My name is Will and I am new to the Woodwind Forum. I am a woodwind player (saxophone, flute, clarinet, bassoon) who just moved to Las Vegas! I have a lot of experience playing many different styles, but my favorite gig is a pit orchestra gig for a musical!

I graduated from Murray State University in Murray, KY in December of 2014 and had many wonderful instructors who helped mold me into the musician I am today.

If there is anyone on here from the Vegas area, feel free to say hello! Also, if you know of any good ways to get into the music scene in Vegas, let me know! I haven't been playing as much as I'd like to and I'd really love a gig or two to throw me back into the mix.

Have a musical day!


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I have found that the easiest way to work your way into "the music scene" is to start at the community band level (they'll love you to death) and then reap the benefit of invites to other groups. If you give lessons, this is also a good way to establish a presence in the marketplace. Choose the highest quality community band you can though, that's where you will find other teachers who can turn you on to paying opportunities. Good luck.
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Since I'm not in the States, I can't speak to what's the norm there, but up here in Canada, it's not uncommon for many of the big name shows to be union gigs. You might phone your local musician's union and find out what's up in Vegas.