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  1. Helen

    Article on Vintage Selmer Pricing Vis-à-vis Other Instruments

    After 20+ years of hearing whining on sax discussion boards, etc. about the pricing of certain vintage Selmer horns, I decided I would do some research to back up my repeated statements that sax players are better off that many instrumentalists. Today I published an article that looks at just...
  2. Help with Identifying Vintage Clarinet

    I know absolutely nothing about clarinets but seen this at a yard sale and picked it up for $15. After looking at it the only thing I could find on it was Selmer Paris; HS; Made in France, on the mouthpiece and the number 44548 on what I am going to call the barrel. Any information would be...
  3. Ashleyc600

    Help please!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ashley and I have recently been given two clarinets to sell (kind of my job is to sell random things for people). So anyways I have researched and looked everywhere and still am so confused as to what I have! If anyone knows specifically let me know I’d be so...
  4. help with the model

    Hello, I have this bass clarinet and I'm not sure what the model is, did they sell me as selmer series 9, could someone help me?
  5. 1950s Selmer Depose Wooden Clarinet?

    I need info on this, i don't know much about it
  6. Mr Esteban Sax

    Hello everyone!!

    Hey there!!! I'm new here!! I love this site! I would love to share my music with all of you! I'm doing sax covers every week!!! Hope you all enjoy it!!! Feel free to subscribe! Thanks sincerely!! ======== Edit from Pete: fixed your spacing.
  7. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-1


  8. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-2


  9. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-3


  10. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-4


  11. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-5


  12. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-7


  13. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-11


  14. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-12


  15. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-13


  16. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-10-e1517049180557


  17. Saxophone-baryton-Selmer-Mark-6-argenté-9-e1517049173593


  18. Selmer Paris bass clarinet A series

    Dear forum, I am able to buy a Selmer Paris bass clarinet with serial number A1xxx. According to the serial number lists it is from 1978. Is it worth 2000 dollars or is that to much for a almost 40 years old instrument. They say it is just checked by a professional. kind regards Johan
  19. tomtrundle

    Selmer BA tenor case

    Hi Folks, I have an old Balanced action (1938) and l want to buy a new case for it. I've been looking at BAM cabine cases and l believe they use a MKVI as the mould. My question is.. will my BA fit in this case? What cases do you fellow BA owners use? Thanks in advance Tom
  20. Finding more information on my bass clarinet

    Hello! I'm new to the forum, and wanted to see if I could get some more information about my bass clarinet. I bought it about 2 years ago from my teacher, but she didn't know much about its origins. It's a Selmer (Paris) Low E (not Eb), with a really sweet tone. Serial number 9497. Does anyone...
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