Help with Identifying Vintage Clarinet

I know absolutely nothing about clarinets but seen this at a yard sale and picked it up for $15. After looking at it the only thing I could find on it was Selmer Paris; HS; Made in France, on the mouthpiece and the number 44548 on what I am going to call the barrel. Any information would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance.


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I'd say you got a bargain. I'm not sure what model you have, but it could be one of the early wood Bundy's. Yours looks to be in fair condition although showing some signs of plating wear. Note that one of the rod screws on the lower joint is working loose. See picture 042538.
Big smile, the R-15 Festival that my wife used to own. The price was right too.

:D:D Good job on the price. :D:D

Last year... Actually almost a year to the day, I finally caved and got a "real" clarinet. I had held off getting a wooden clarinet forever.

Our shop had a full Boehm Selmer Centered Tone on consignment that looked like it had almost no use since it was made. I never did look up the serial #, but I am guessing it circa late 50s.

I was actually going to join the community band for a few months and work on the 3rd clarinet book just to get some decent clarinet chops back... Then COVID hit, so nada on that.

I have occasionally pulled out my Klose clarinet book, but I haven't really done any serious practice for months. I should though. It is a fantastic horn that even allows me to sound like a real clarinetist, and not the hack that I am. :p
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