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An Eflat Question


I have managed to last my entire professional career not having to ever play an Eflat clarinet....joy, oh joy (I did at ome point double on contra alto in a Bob Florence ghost band).

My perfect record is about to come to a screeching halt as I have a show coming up demanding the double.

Any advice on mouthpiece? I'm assuming I cannot use one of my Bb clarinet mouthpieces?
Clark W. Fobes and Backun

Hello! I highly recommend a Clark W. Fobes Mouthpiece with a Fobes Extension. I play on a Selmer Deposé Eb clarinet model and the combo is fantastic! I also recommend getting a Backun barrel of your choice of wood; cocobolo, tulip wood, or grenadilla(I have cocobolo barrel and bell). As there is a cutback on the barrel that will allow you to use Bb clarinet reeds on the Eb clarinet without clipping them. I recommend looking for barrels and bells on eBay as they are cheaper than the website. Here is a link to the description of the Eb barrels. http://backunmusical.com/products/eb-barrels

Good luck,

Chris L.
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Nope, doesn't take a Bb mouthpiece, it has its own smaller one.
While talking about my own mpc isn't of much help, (it's an Old logo Selmer, which is probably rather hard to find) a Vandoren B40 played well from me trying it once.
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Thanks all for your comments:

I'm totally in on a backun barrel (I use one on my Bb clarinet; a Leblanc Opus)...I'm going to try out some mouthpieces from David McClune.

Highly recommended by a doubler I'm playing a show with right now.
To close the loop: I did end up with a McClune mouthpiece. David sent me three to try; one was stuffy, the other two played fine, gave the clarinet a "clarinet" sound, with a sweet tone and very controllable response. It's paired to a Leblanc LL Eb from 1967 which plays quite well in tune up the high Eb.

I haved to build up cork around the tenon to fit the Backun barrel...as the horn is a couple of cents above pitch, I'm going from the stock 40.25 MM barrel to a 41.75 mm barrel.


Tom Heimer
I played a lot of Eb in the 70s & 80s. I used my Buffet mouthpiece that came with the clarinet when I bought it new. Worked great.
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