Buncha Contra Altos on Ebay I bought one

Selmer bundy plastic contra alto clarinet | eBay
I wonder where they got all of these? Any thoughts?
I bought one and got mine today. Seems to be in good shape, I haven't played it yet, just ordered a mouthpiece.

Seems to be well looked after. The case isn't too bad (whew!) No case stink - to speak of - stensiled lettering on the case
probably a school? Who knows, maybe a local orchestra that bought a Bundy for an instrument that gets in frequent use,
although this Ebayer has sold quite a few of them and I think driven the prices down.
I wonder where they got all of these? Any thoughts?
I think your idea of a school or community orchestra buying one for infrequent use is probably it. It also may be possible that an entire school system is now getting rid of instruments that they really don't use. Hey, I've only seen a contralto used in a band once. It was used for a transposed part.

Furthering the conversation about, "Where did you get that shiny?" one of my high schools had an Eb sopranino clarinet -- a plastic Bundy, BTW -- and a Bb contrabass clarinet that were stashed in a remote corner of the practice room. While I toyed with the sopranino a bit, I didn't want to play it in band: way too many high notes in sopranino clarinet music. (i.e. What's that note 5 ledger lines above the staff, again?) I did play the contrabass for about a year or two. Leblanc paperclip. I still remember playing "A Christmas Festival" on it. That was fun.

I have a 2nd cousin who's a former high school band director. I got a variety of things from him, all of which I donated away years ago. I've also had friends of friends give me stuff because I "was into music" and/or "play those saxophones and clarinets."
Yes Pete I agree about a Contra Alto probably being stashed in a closet, but this seller has quite a few of them and they all look the same.
I think I'll ask him. I'll post here if I get a response.

I'm having a difficult time explaining to my wife why I need this. So far the best response I have is: "I can double on a Bassoon part"
and "I have bought mouthpieces that cost more"
That's a tough one to explain. When I bought my bass clarinet my explanation was that I was going to start playing in shows. In ten years I have played in one show, and the BC had about two minutes of playing time. Oops. I'm thinking about getting my rock band to play When I'm Sixty-four, but I really don't want to carry it to the gig for one tune.
"There are so many great instruments out there that you have to force into a group to make it work. "


I'm waiting on a Fobes San Francisco mouthpiece, cost almost as much as the Contra :)

I bought and played at least 10 mouthpieces for the Sop Clarinet, and the Fobes was by far my favorite. Hopefully the Contra piece will be just as impressive. I have a 10 day trial. Not many other options...
I'm having a difficult time explaining to my wife why I need this. So far the best response I have is: "I can double on a Bassoon part" and "I have bought mouthpieces that cost more"
You might have more success with the former than the latter :D.

My other hobby is repairing vintage computer keyboards. I found something way out of my general price range. My selling point was, "If I fix this, I can repair it and sell it for 50% more than I'll pay." Which is both true and worked.

I really enjoyed playing bass clarinet and Bb contrabass. Maybe we should put together The Ultimate Clarinet Choir.
"Maybe we should put together The Ultimate Clarinet Choir. " It would have to be on Zoom :)
The Fobes came today, the Contra plays up to A2 but won't go over the break. It was advertised as needing adjustment, it looks to be in good shape overall.

I'll get it in to my tech, I haven't seen him for a year, I'll need to get a new KN 95 out of the box.
I was finally able to hook up with my tech and friend. Sadly, he's got some medical issues in his home life that he is dealing with, and will probably
not be resolved for a while.

I sought out Dan Kellerman, whom I remember was a tech, along with Emilio at Rayburns. Rayburns, more sad developments, is, for the most part, out of business, apparently still involved with school rentals, but no longer the go to woodwind shop near Symphony hall/ Berklee/ Conservatory.

Dan is working from his home nearby in Billerica (I think named after a British town way back when, BTW it's on Robin Hood Lane next to Little John Dr. :) ). I went to his home at the agreed time, and called upon arrival. Dan came to the door and took the Contra, asked a few questions, and advised that it would be probably be ready in a couple of weeks.

I'm guessing that Dan is putting the gear on quarantine. I don't blame him, I would do the same.

So - if I were dropping of a Clarinet, Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet or similar, I would assume that the tech would test the instrument with his own mouthpiece. Since this is an unusual specimen, I furnished the mouthpiece and lig, and told Dan that it takes a Bari Sax Reed.
I had no idea these were selling for $700 or under. I heard somewhere that Bundy Contra Altos are far nicer than their soprano counterparts.

Good to know!!
I can't really complain about Bundys. I did have a Bundy II alto sax and I think I played a Bundy bari before I bought my own. They're just ... student instruments.

Regarding lower clarinets, I'm actually pretty fond of the one-piece plastic Leblanc-made "Reso Tone" Vitos. I think those are also pretty cheap, now.

I did look at ebay completed ads. Looks like the price range for the Bundy contra alto is $410 to $755.
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Yes I paid ~$481.00, $565.00 with shipping and tax.
I brought it to the tech, and $125.00 later it's in playing condition.

Also, $350.00 for a Fobes San Francisco mouthpiece. It's difficult to find Contra mouthpieces, I decided to bite the bullet and go with the Fobes because that it the winner for me on Sop Clarinet after trying many, many mouthpieces. I'm using Bari Sax reeds that I have on hand.
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