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Clarinet in A brands. Help!

Hi there, I'm in need of some advice and any help would be appreciated!

I have just started university, studying music and I am in need of an A clarinet. I have a Bb and have played the Eb and A but never have owned one as I used to borrow them from my music centre.
However, as I have started uni I am in need of a clarinet in A as the orchestra play a lot of music which require it (plus it's handy to have).
Does anyone have any suggestions of good brands or certain models which are not too expensive. My maximum spending is around £250 as I only really need the A clarinet for band work rather than solo performances.

Thanks for reading!
Typically a university orchestra will have the resources to provide the student with the needed non Bb clarinets. I'd ask your clarinet professor or the orchestra concuctor about using a school instrument.

If you really want your own, all the major makers offer A instruments along with the Bb - often with a case for holding both instruments. It comes down to preferences and politics as to which instrument maker you should select.
Thank you for your advice!
I have already asked if they had one, so I could borrow or maybe rent it but they have only Eb and Bass clarinets :(
But now you have said that there is a case that holds both clarinets, I'll have a look into it!
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