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  1. mmatisoff

    Bass clarinet pad leads

    I own a used Vito Reso-tone bass clarinet. I've taken it to two different repair techs. The first tech said he repaired the bent keys and leaking pads. Unfortunately, the poor guy didn't do it right, so I had to bring it back to him. He still didn't know how to fix bent keys and didn't see that...
  2. keith

    Tune grade for Clarinet

    Hi all, I am interested in playing Adagio from Moonlight Sonata and as a relative newbie am curious what grade this would be considered? Regards, Keith
  3. Help with Identifying Vintage Clarinet

    I know absolutely nothing about clarinets but seen this at a yard sale and picked it up for $15. After looking at it the only thing I could find on it was Selmer Paris; HS; Made in France, on the mouthpiece and the number 44548 on what I am going to call the barrel. Any information would be...
  4. Closed Hole Buffet Clarinet

    Hi! I just want to preface this by saying I'm not an actual clarinet player. I've played the flute for 12 years. So, I found an old clarinet while cleaning up a family garage. The brand is Buffet and has closed holes. It's completely plastic and a little musty tbh. Does anyone know anything...
  5. jasonalder

    Vintage Leblanc catalogues

    I'm looking for any and all vintage Leblanc sales catalogues, ads, pricelists, posters, reviews, articles, etc., specifically from the 1930s-1970s, but I'll also gladly take more recent things too. If anyone has any pdfs, links, or hard copy I'd be very grateful to know about it either here or...
  6. Clarinet in A brands. Help!

    Hi there, I'm in need of some advice and any help would be appreciated! I have just started university, studying music and I am in need of an A clarinet. I have a Bb and have played the Eb and A but never have owned one as I used to borrow them from my music centre. However, as I have started...
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    Grafton Acrylic Clarinet
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    Grafton Acrylic Clarinet
  9. 20161116150934-b6fab3b7.jpg


    Grafton Acrylic Clarinet
  10. New Podcast Interview: Hachig Kazarian about playing Middle Eastern Clarinet

    https://taqs.im/hachig-kazarian/ Hachig Kazarian from Detroit, whose clarinet defines the Armenian-American clarinet sound which shaped the musical experiences of entire generations of Diaspora Armenians living in the United States for much of the 20th century. Having attended the famed...
  11. Axel's Woodwindroom

    Hi all! New clarinet microphone video online!

    Hi all! I am new in this forum. I´m a woodwind multiinstrumentalist from Germany and Austria mostly touring and recording flutes, clarinets, saxes, whistles and Duduk for Pop & Jazz-Acts. Lately I did a little clarinet microphone comparison on youtube. Check it out here: Hope you like it...
  12. Ashleyc600

    Help please!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ashley and I have recently been given two clarinets to sell (kind of my job is to sell random things for people). So anyways I have researched and looked everywhere and still am so confused as to what I have! If anyone knows specifically let me know I’d be so...
  13. SamanthaWright

    Jazz Clarinet Transcription Blog

    Hello fellow Clarinetists! I just wanted to share my weekly Jazz-Clarinet Blog with you all- it may be of interest! :) Every week I create and post two transcriptions from a different jazz clarinetist onto my website, along with some brief biographical information. The clarinet was such an...
  14. Need Help Identifying a Buffet Clarinet

    Hi all. Full disclosure, I'm an online ebay seller of all sorts of wares, and i've come across a wooden buffet clarinet. I am unable to nail down the model. but the most puzzling thing (for me) about this clarinet is that there is a metal barrel ring at the top of the upper joint. I havent seen...
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