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Closed Hole Buffet Clarinet

Hi! I just want to preface this by saying I'm not an actual clarinet player. I've played the flute for 12 years.
So, I found an old clarinet while cleaning up a family garage. The brand is Buffet and has closed holes. It's completely plastic and a little musty tbh. Does anyone know anything about this or maybe how much it is worth? I cannot find any information on this model online. It has V1 on it along with A99621.
I heard that leblanc made closed holes at some point and that is the brand of the lyre that was in the case.
This is not actually a Buffet, it's a Vito 7214P made by Leblanc. I have an identical instrument on my desk. They play quite well, although they tend to be a bit bright and have some tuning issues around the throat A and Bb. Careful choice of mouthpiece and some careful adjustment of venting can reduce the brightness and tuning problem. I don't think you'll have any problem selling it as very few makers produce plateau clarinets today except to special order and at high prices. I bought mine some years ago when carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis began to impact my ability to play. It was an ideal solution which I'd recommend to anybody with similar issues. From memory I paid S400 for mine as a used instrument in mint condition from an EBay seller. For a realistic price today I'd suggest checking prices on EBay as a guide. They come up for sale fairly frequently.


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You may also want to post pictures or identification of the mouthpieces. Sometimes they can be worth as much as the horn, although this happens more frequently with saxophones than clarinets.
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