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Help identifying my noblet bass clarinet please!


I'm looking for some help to identify the model and potential age of my bass clarinet. I asked a few years ago, but had no luck as I can only find a 3 digit serial number rather than a 4 but wondered if anyone might have any more ideas? I've looked at the serial numbers online.

I've added pictures this time to see if this would assist, including the case which is original as far as I know. There's tarnish on the keys (as expected) but it's a lovely instrument. I play it in an orchestra and a concert band so am not looking for a sales value, but would love to know more information on my beloved instrument. I'd also like to try to work out how much I should be insuring it for if anyone has any suggestions.

The mouthpiece and ligature are new, however everything else is original as far as I know. The pictures include the case, the badge, the patent number (which is typed on the box and also engraved into the wood) and the instrument.

Thanks in advance :)



Sorry just realised that the main post states that pictures of case etc aren't required- I thought they were original so might help. Apologies if unnecessary!
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