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  1. S

    What am I? Noblet, All Wood, Stamped Made in France, Serial 5185A

    Hello all from a lowly Pawnbroker in South San Francisco. We have this beautiful vintage Noblet clarinet here at our shop, but I'm struggling to come up with an accurate year and model. Here's what I know so far: - modern keying system, so ignore the late 1890s Buffet in the background. That is...
  2. E

    Help identifying my noblet bass clarinet please!

    Hi I'm looking for some help to identify the model and potential age of my bass clarinet. I asked a few years ago, but had no luck as I can only find a 3 digit serial number rather than a 4 but wondered if anyone might have any more ideas? I've looked at the serial numbers online. I've added...
  3. jbkalla

    Can you ID this Noblet?

    From what I can gather from the diamond-shaped logo and the ND in the logo, this is a Model 45, but the serial number doesn't match anything I've seen: 30206 Any help somebody could give me would be appreciated! I will probably bring it somewhere to get reconditioned, as it's been sitting...
  4. S

    Can you identify this Noblet?

    Hi all, I just found this forum and I'm thrilled. :-D I have 2 kids who each play an instrument... I love to browse the forums to learn about their instruments, care... and lots of other great information. (I've been a member of a trumpet forum for a couple of years as well.) So I'm hoping you...