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Hello all! As you can tell from my user name I'm a bit out of place here... I'm an all around musician but mostly focus on strings and brass. I enjoy playing sax but I rarely get a chance to play clarinet. I've owned a student level Yamaha and a Selmer Signet for a while now, but an old friend of mine recently gave me two of her older clarinets. One is a metal Holton Collegiate that dates to what I can find 1941. The other is an Eb Soprano Bundy. I haven't been able to find anything on the Bundy. There are many websites out there with Serial Numbers, but the only number I can find on the entire instrument is I887. Can anyone help me with this?


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Welcome FOoW: What specifically do you wish to know? Both instruments are not worth very much if for sale and will cost more to fix than they are worth if in a state of disrepair. Don't take my word for it, feel free to do some research on eBay.

If you can get these to play and want to play them, fine. But they are not that remarkable of instruments in my opinion. YMMV.
I'm not overly concerned about their resale value, more about the sentimental value that came with them. I've never been one to own phenomenal instruments, but I always like to know what I have.

I'd like to know the year on the Bundy, I just have no idea about woodwinds and this looked like the place to go for people who do. Good place to learn :emoji_relaxed:


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Sometimes on older instruments the markings wear away a bit. Could you post some photos of the instruments. That always helps. Is the Bundy wood or plastic?
I honestly have no idea. Like I said before, I'm not too sure about most things woodwind. I've checked most parts of the instrument and the only thing I can find is the inscription I887. Most of the other markings are worn off but noticeable that they were there once. I appreciate all the help I can get with this!


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It is marked as Bundy. My friend said she bought it some 40 years ago, but doesn't know much else about it.
My vote for the plastic Bundy vintage would be 1970ish as well.
(Bundy Eefers are somewhat rare, btw, at least compared to the Bb sopranos)


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