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Info about Yamaha Clarinet CS with no "Custom" engraved

• Does anyone know about a YCL CS that has no "Custom" engraved on it as in the picture attached?
• How much is this clarinet worth?

I tried to find info about it but cannot find any, even in pictures. All I can find is that the YCL CS seem to have always the "Custom" engraved...
It has CS engraved on the bell.

Thank you so much


  • Yamaha CS.JPG
    Yamaha CS.JPG
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Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Not always true.

Is there any particular reason you think this clarinet is a CS? It could just be another model with a CS bell. Do you have serial numbers on the upper and lower joints?

While I'm very pro everything Yamaha, I'm not the expert at Yamaha clarinets. I'd want to see more pictures of your horn, for one.

Value would be dependent on whether or not this really is a Yamaha CS or it's another Yamaha model -- or any other make/model, really.
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