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Is it safe to get a 1945 Buffet pre-R13 Eb soprano clarinet?


College Student who likes wind instruments & music
Well I can say that it's definitely not from 1945, judging by the wraparound register key and donut key, it's from noticeably earlier.
One of my two Ebs is fairly similar to it, though I can tell it has slightly different different dimensions. Mine is from 1918, serial #1L7xx. Although it could do with a repad it plays somewhat as is, enough to tell that it needs a shorter barrel, and is a pretty nice instrument. My Eb that I borrow from my school is a Selmer Series 9, and I rather prefer it.
It's not really risky if you're sure it hasn't cracked. (and that the seller is legitimate)
Is there any chance you could play it in person?


College Student who likes wind instruments & music
What a fab looking instrument, but the proof would be in the playing as TrueTone sez. By the way, this is what a new Buffet R-13 Eeffer would run you:

https://www.music123.com/woodwinds/buffet-crampon-buffet-tosca-eb-clarinet?rNtt=buffet r-13 eb clarinet&index=1
That's a Tosca, with an even scarier price. =p
WWBW/music123/Guitar Center/whatever else they are only seems to have a Tosca Eefer on their sites. Wonder why they don't have any R13 ones...putting the new logo on them, perhaps? I know they have their new logo on normal R13s, I saw one new in a music store when I was at USM's honor band back in February.
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