IS this a contrabass ?

If it's 44 inches long, it's probably a BBb contrabass, not a contraalso. My understanding is that the contraalto is model 352, not 515. I think that's the serial number. Sounds like the seller is confused as well :). Jim Glass has a EEb contraalto paperclip and can confirm, probably.
Rumble on...

This is definitely an old Leblanc 340 (BBb contra) with range to low D (written). The "515" must be its serial number. Looks like its in pretty good condition :-D
It's already doubled in price from the original bids and someone else has told the seller it's a contrabass.
Contrabass price

I'm guessing with that many bids someone is gonna end up paying more than $2K for it plus the overhaul costs. Most likely a dealer will nab it.

Good guess. An hour before the auction ended bidding was over $2500. I don't know what it closed at.
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