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Hello fellow Clarinetists!

I just wanted to share my weekly Jazz-Clarinet Blog with you all- it may be of interest! :)
Every week I create and post two transcriptions from a different jazz clarinetist onto my website, along with some brief biographical information.
The clarinet was such an important instrument in the historical timeline of jazz music, and I think that it's very important that this isn't lost.
I also find that transcriptions are a great way to learn about jazz and improvisation, without feeling too intimidated about the theory side.

The blog can be found here: www.samanthawright.co.uk/blog

Please let me know what you think, and feel free to get in touch with feedback! Of course share around with other clarinetists!
Best wishes,
Samantha Wright


Staff member
Hi Samantha,

Welcome to the Woodwind Forum. Your post was in moderation purgatory due to the web site link, but I released it.

Interesting site. I don't play enough clarinet these days, but I might have to print some of those off and work on my chops.
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