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Need Help Identifying a Buffet Clarinet

Hi all. Full disclosure, I'm an online ebay seller of all sorts of wares, and i've come across a wooden buffet clarinet.

I am unable to nail down the model. but the most puzzling thing (for me) about this clarinet is that there is a metal barrel ring at the top of the upper joint. I havent seen any other buffet clarinets with this feature.

Only three parts of this clarinet are stamped buffet, the bell, the lower, and upper joints. (The barrel and mouthpiece are generic plastic replacements.)
These three pieces all have the Buffet, Crampon & Ci logo, with Made in France stenciled below it.

The only other marking besides the logo on the three pieces is a serial number on the bottom of the lower joint.
The serial is 859S1. Yes, eight, five, nine, the letter 'S', number 1. Im about 95% sure its an 'S' and not a 5 because the stylings of the letter are distinct.

The clarinet body is clearly wood. its got some chips at some of the joints, and a crack in the bell from retaining pins.

Its well made and i dont think its a fake, but of course i could be wrong.

Heres a few pics. Some of the pics were too large to upload, but ill start with the attached.

Any help with identifying the model and getting an idea of its value would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!



College Student who likes wind instruments & music
It looks pretty consistent with a 1920s Buffet. Model would be a Pre-R13, so named because they didn't really have models then, just separate keywork options.
The ring is an old crack repair-basically a band was placed on it after filling it so it wouldn't expand.
A couple more things:
Is it marked with an "H.P." or "L. P." ? While the latter is what we use today, you can't convert an old High Pitch Clarinet to Low Pitch. (Basically there were a few different pitch standards then, those two were the most common.) The barrel being a replacement isn't very good for value, unfortunately.
Also, are you sure the mouthpiece is plastic? It looks to be "crystal," (glass) from what I can see on my phone-if so it could be somewhat valuable depending on the brand.
For its value-any other Buffet of a similar age missing the barrel that sold online should be a good estimate.
very good. makes sense.

the mouthpiece is a clear plastic, its not glass. it doesnt have any brand markings, neither does the barrel. im pretty sure they're just both cheap replacements.

There is no H.P. or L.P. marking on these that i can see. do you know where it would be marked?


College Student who likes wind instruments & music
Sorry, I typed up a post earlier, but it appears it didn't send.
It's below the Buffet logo on my Eb Clarinet that's 8 years older, although it says "N.B." on mine-I unfortunately don't know what that stands for, but the clarinet appears to be made for A=435, and has a fairly long barrel. I would imagine it was also there on yours at one point, but has been worn away. It's also on the bell and barrel too. (I need to check on the barrel tomorrow but I think it is there too.)
I dont see H.P., L.P., or N.B. written anywhere.

but i can measure it, i assume that the higher and lower ones would be shorter and longer, respectively.

if anybody has a pre R13 clarinet and can compare with these measurements, that would help me nail it down.

The Upper Joint is 22 cm long.
The Lower Joint is 25.5 cm long.
The bell is 10.75 cm long.
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