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New Palm Key Risers

Got a new one out. Introductory pricing through 3/18


These unique palm key risers are CNC machined from solid plastic. The T-slot shaped cutout slides over the palm key and plastic set screws lock them in place.


Low mass
Secured with plastic set screws that will not mar the saxophone
3 sizes to choose from. Mix and match as needed.
Made from solid Delrin plastic. Delrin is very strong, considered the workhorse of plastics.
Textured top and ergonomic curvature.


If you're handy you can try a trick I use. Hot melt glue is cheap and sticks just enough make a permanent riser. It also comes off without any problems (doesn't mark or peel the lacquer). It takes a little practice to form the riser and some patience, but you can make it to any height and configuration as necessary. It can also be "post worked" using a propane cigarette lighter to smooth out any folds or rough spots. The most challenging way I've used hot melt was to reform a ring type thumb hook on an old Martin soprano. If any of you have used one of these ring configurations you'll know how uncomfortable they are. I molded it to be wider with an angel that is precisely the angle of my thumb while holding the sax. At the same time I added a ring that's at the top end of the thumb ring so that I can use a strap. Hot melt is magic stuff, but takes some time to get used to molding. I'm NOT recommending using it to glue in pads though.
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