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New to Forum

Hello All,

Just wanted to introduce myself. Erm, I am a CPA located in New Orleans LA, USA. I played Clarinet through high school, and my first year of college. I stopped playing to focus on my studies, and I am now picking it back up.

I own a Leblanc Concerto (recently reacquired) as well as Leblanc Classic II. I prefer the sound of the Concerto. I guess I consider myself more of an enthusiast. I was very good in high school placing very high in the All-State, and State lions bands. I can no longer play anywhere near that level but am enjoying playing again. I am excited to read and see all the information this forum has, and hope when I have questions you all can help me out!

Looking forward to learning, and playing my instruments again!



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Welcome to the WWF. It's great that you picked the horn back up. I almost sold my horns and quit playing during graduate school. Fortunately I didn't and I've been playing enthusiastically for almost 40 years since that time, and am really glad I didn't pack it in.

When the stress of April 15th (and October 15th) rolls around, picking up your horn and playing will keep you sane.


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I know a lot of people who are starting to play instruments they used to play in high school. Heck, I had 28 year break from music performance when I started back up in 2001. So much fun, I advise my grandkids and such to do something in high school that they can do the rest of their lives like music, chess, tennis, etc. Football isn't on that list.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome! Yes it is absolutely a great tool to help me relax. I actually had to get my beginner books out to refresh my memory on reading music. Fortunately its like a bicycle. I am picking it back up quickly.