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The Best Bluetooth Headset


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My motorola 510 died a month ago and I replaced it with a Plantronics Discovery 665 and gave my wife a new Motorola H12. People still complain that I sound terrible in the car so I picked up a Jawbone which is suppose to have the best noise reduction system of any bluetooth headset. Just paired it with my phone and will give it a try tomorrow in the car. The commerical for it was impressive.

Has anyone tried a Jawbone bluetooth headset?
Ed: PLEASE tell me you are not the guy walking around the supermarket having a conversation with himself . . . with all the other shoppers listening in?!?!?

Two of my cars have cell-phone bluetooth and that seems to work just fine in the cars. I have a couple of head-sets (from Verizon) that we got the last time we both bought new phones - I've since gone to an iPhone because it is compatible with both cars). I have not tried the headsets yet but come July 1, it'll either be a headset or no cellphone in my other car. DAVE
Dave, I rarely talk on the phone in a store or in a restaurant. The only exception is when I need to call my wife to find out if she needs something particular or if someone calls me. I use it in the car on my way home from work or when I'm in the house. I try to think of others and I like to keep my private conversations private. I just wish more people would do the same!

I tried the Jawbone out a little bit ago and I can report that the voice quality is better than anything else I own in terms of the transmission quality. The quality of the voice that you hear is acceptable but a little thinner than the other headsets that I have owned.
I like my Motorola Razr but when I get my next phone in the fall it will be a Windows Mobile based phone. I'd like to carry one less device if possible and I already carry a pocket pc most of the time.
Yes, off topic, but what the heck. Whose rule is that, anyway?

I wanted a smartphone so I could combine my PDA and my cellphone into one unit. After a lot of looking, I settled on the iPhone. One reason was that we had previously switched all of our home computers to Macs (no need to be compatible with work anymore). The other reason was that not all smartphones worked with the Bluetooth in my BMW. I checked that at BMW's website - and because of the law-change in CA, we needed BT compatibility with our cars. I'm happy with the iPhone - so far.

The downside is that I had to take ATT cell service for the iPhone and pay Verizon a cancellation fee for one of our two phones.

But, the headset dilemma looms. Like I said, we already have Verizon BT headsets but I have yet to take them out of the boxes and synch them with our two phones (the iPhone and my wife's regular cellphone). I think I need a roundtuit. DAVE

This section has greater latitude in terms of off topic discussions. Although if you read through a variety of threads you will see that we tend to go off topic with some regularity. :emoji_smile:

I use Outlook at the office and my wife and I send each other meeting requests via Outlook to keep our calendars somewhat in agreement. At my office I use Outlook for keeping track of tasks and since I'm a technology guy I'm rather email centric. For all of my personal tasks I keep them in various lists within a Franklin Planner. I also print my calendar for the week and place it in the calendar. I used to get some odd looks for being a technology guy carrying around the Franklin but now everyone is used to it. I can't notes as fast on any electronic device as I can on paper.

The bluetooth devices should help streamline what I'm carrying for electronic devices.

How do you like your iPhone? The interface looks great but I'm not interested in changing to AT&T to use one. Eventually the rest of the carriers will get the honor of carrying them.
Verizon offers some of the Windows smart phones but I don't think I'd use enough of the features to fork out an additional $3-400 for the phone.

This from the guy that used a Motorola Startek for 4 years. :emoji_rolling_eyes:

PS I think I still have it shoved in a box somewhere.....
Ed: I understand the informal cringing at going off topic, but that always seemed to be a tempest in a teapot as far as I was concerned. Seems that many subjects (threads?) naturally go a bit off course in a sensible way and the whole issue is (or should be) unimportant when the discussion takes a logical turn, just as this one has.

Back on topic (maybe not), I like my iPhone. I'd been a Verizon customer for years and but for the need to switch to ATT for the iPhone, I'd probably still be with Verizon. I had no problems with Verizon. In fact, I still have an account with them for my wife's phone.

When hers comes up for renewal, we are thinking about getting her an iPhone, too. So unless Verizon and the other carriers take on the iPhone (which they may from what I hear, but who knows when?), we'll probably switch completely to ATT and leave Verizon.

After looking at all the options for smartphones out there, I chose the iPhone because of the Mac connection and its compatibility with two of my cars with built-in bluetooth. I probably would have gone with a Palm-based smartphone (available through Verizon) had it been on the list of BT-compatible BMW's. But it wasn't.

The ATT phone signal has been strong wherever I go and so far I've had no trouble with ATT or the iPhone.

I've been able to put my Palm-based PDA and iPod in the drawer and rely solely on the iPhone for all my scheduling, critical notes (horn and gun serial numbers, passwords lists, etc.), contact-lists, photos, convenient camera, and iPod uses. Plus, the iPhone receives e-mail and the Internet, so it will be handy when we travel - no need to pack a laptop.

I'm sure other smartphones provide similar uses, but with the pending law-change in CA (and maybe elsewhere), the iPhone had everything I wanted except for continuing Verizon service. Changing cellphone services was easy enough, but I did have to pay a $100.00+ cancellation fee. No big deal for me in the long run. DAVE
The law, for those not in CA, is that any cell phone use in the car starting in July requires use of a hands free device.

I've been given a Motorola bluetooth device but haven't tried to sync it up with anything yet. The old Samsung phone I have doesn't even have bluetooth capability.

I don't need the Mac compatible device or anything too extravagant but I was curious if any have been using the Blackberry type smart phones and if they liked the features and ease of use?
I have a PDA phone - about 3 years or more now. I'v tried 2 bluetooth headsets but can't really stand them very much. I actually use one of those archiac corded ear pieces

My PDA has word and excel on it .. never used it. I have a laptop handy most everywhere i go.
I've used a Plantronic's corded headset for a few years. I did get a custom earmold for it and it worked well until I sat on it and broke it. What have you disliked about the bluetooth headsets?
I've had a number of headsets. My favorite corded headset probably came from Radio Shack and until I picked up the Jawbone everyone said they thought I sounded the best on it. I used the Jawbone for about an hour today and I am told that it does an amazing cutting out any road noise or any other noises in the car. I'll be picking up one for my wife. The noise shield does what it says it does. A refreshing change.

My only hit on the Jawbone is that the voice I hear in my ear is not as full as the other devices that I have used. I'm willing to trade that for people on the other end hearing me.
So I have lived with the Jawbone a little more and still absolutely love it. So much that I just ordered my wife a Jawbone 2 as it just came out. It's smaller so the talk time is slightly less but it's stylish and cool so I think she'll like that aspect of it. The noise reduction technology apparently is improved according to their marketing (I can't imagine how it could get much better). She presently has the Motorola H12 and it is frustrating to try and have a conversation with her when she's using it.
Since handsfree will become law when in a car here in CA, I picked up a Jabra brand at Fry's last week. It's about the size of my Eb pinky :) and sits in my ear much like the ipod earbud.
The price was right, $2.99 after rebate.
It works quite well.
Welcome JazzSax. Here in Washington the same law is about to be enforced. I have resisted the device because they pull my concentration away from driving, walking, and talking with my compatriots. But the price point seem about right. :cool:

I just find it really annoying when someone is yelling in their phone as they walk up behind me or when I'm in a line somewhere. Usually these folks are alone so I can't say they are ignoring their friends walking with them. Maybe they are alone for a reason? :emoji_rage:
In light of the rapidly approaching July 1 deadline here in California, I broke out the two Verizon units I received from them a while back. They are Jabra brand, probably like the one described by Jazzsax. They are little peanut-like, over-the-ear devices that hang on one ear. They need to re-charged through a wall-plug charger.

I charged them, then paired them . . . one with my iPhone and the other with my wife's LG cellphone. We did a test with her's - from one side of our house to the other, the sound both ways was acceptable but not great. I suppose the real test is when we actually have to use them.

Like I said before, two of our cars have built-in bluetooth and those work fine. I'll take a look at the Jawbone units mentioned above and keep those in mind if the Jabras fail to deliver. DAVE
Even my wife is impressed with the jawbone's. I refrained from telling her how much they cost but that's just to keep myself alive to operate this forum. :emoji_relaxed:
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