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The Best Bluetooth Headset


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The city of Chicago has a hands free law. I've never had an issue with it as I have always found it more comfortable to wear a headset than to try and cradle the phone as I drive.


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As a cab driver in my college days I sometimes drove with my knees while I balanced a soda in one hand and sandwich in the other. I had to keep moving to make any money. I had an accident-free record for the company--the only cab driver with over three years and no accident. But that could have been luck.

Now I don't answer my phone if I'm driving. On ocassion I'll hand it to the shotgun passenger. <rant>But otherwise I just think people are to wrapped up about answer the phone, no matter what, no matter who they are talking too.</rant>


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Yes, New Jersey is hands free also. And I believe that NYC had one of the first hands free only laws in the country. But that doesn't stop people from driving with the phone stuck in their ear.

My bluetooth is a Motorola, but I don't know the model, just that it only likes to connect my calls when it feels like it.

Makes talking while driving much safer, though.
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