The Upgrade Thread

Well, that seemed successful.

You might have to log out, wait for 900 seconds (cookie timeout) and then clear your cookies again, but it worked for me.
Funny, on my laptop, which I haven't used since 12/22, I clicked my link and got on with zero issues.:cool:
*Sigh* I hate issues that can't be duplicated.

Well, I think it's about as good as it's going to get, ATM. We'll just wait and see what vBulletin 4 looks like, provided I'm healthy enough to do the upgrade -- doing coding when on Class 5 narcotics isn't a good idea.

Besides, I have a few days to go for the .02 update.
Log out not working

The Log Out function fails to log out. After log out and upon returning to the site, I am logged back on automatically. Clearing cookies is not an acceptable way to fix this. I do not want other automatic logins disabled.

I even tried to log out then log back on with a bogus id. The screen telling me the id is bogus has me logged back in as me.

This needs to be fixed.
Al, you posted in the wrong thread and sound rather insistent. Take a breath.

As mentioned above,

a. Clearing cookies is the best solution I can give you because everything else I've done hasn't helped you. There is no further solution from vBulletin. Sorry: you've got the link (see above) if you want to follow their progress.
b. We will be moving to vBulletin or .2 in a week or so.
c. You don't want a guy who's on three different class 5 narcotics to do a major upgrade, so there's that, too.

The upgrade that was done was supposed to be to fix a major security problem, but the amount of problems it caused seems to have outweighed the problems it was supposed to fix. The file replaced has been reverted and problems for some folks (like you) seem to persist. Sorry about that, but I can only tell you that you'll have to wait until the update comes available and I can test out the new framework.
I'm not frustrated. But you will be if this comes back to haunt you. This is a potential security breach. (I used to make my living dealing with computer security breaches at the Pentagon. I see a bad guy lurking around every corner. I don't know vBulletin well, but I think it's SQL and PHP, which ain't exactly a fortress.) Here's a scenario:

Forum member is on the road. Uses someone's computer, perhaps in a library, to log on. Neglects to unclick (or as a reflex action clicks) "remember me." The library internally allows cookies to be set but with a typical net nanny filter does not allow casual visitors access to clear them. Now, because of this bug, the member is always logged on there, even after his departure, even after powerdown. And probably doesn't realize it. The next user of the computer is a malicious kid who pokes around and finds he is logged onto a vBulletin site. Imagine what happens next.

I don't care whether you fix it. I can't imagine, however, that you would not care.
Last week we upgraded our server package. More RAM, more disk space, and more bandwidth.

Expect a major overhaul to the forum software in the near future.
The upgrade to 4.0.x will be in steps:

* I'll be copying our database to a "test" database.
* I will install our current forum software in a "test" folder.
* I'll upgrade the "test" to 4.0.x.
* I'll let people play with it for a bit.
* Whatever I've learned from the above will be included in a "live" install.

The fun thing is that I can install the new stuff in a completely different directory and do all the data xfer -- and then put up a redirect to the new forum. It SHOULD work :).
Alll riggghty, then.

vBulletin 4.0.1 came out today. At this very moment in time, I'm doing a full website backup and then I'm building a test forum (which will initially be the same version as you're looking at, 3.8.4, PL2).

You may have noticed that SOTW had some *ahem* issues upgrading to vBulletin 4. I will not be doing the testing or upgrade on the live Forum, but a copy and when it's time to switch over, I'll just change it so that redirects to the new forum. Easy-peasy.

So, it's the ol' belt & suspenders routine: I've got backups and I'm working on a copy.
Well, step 1 is done: the 3.8.4pl2 test forum is active. For me :). DONE (1/12/2010).

Next steps:
* Importing my backup database into the test forum. Possibly be done tomorrow. DONE (1/13/2010).
* Upgrading the test forum to vBulletin 4.0.1. Shooting for Thursday. FINALLY WORKING (1/18/2010). There were a couple setting changes I had to make that weren't in the documentation. I want to test, a bit, before opening it for public test.
* Havening some folks test to make sure all is well. From Friday until all the kinks are worked out.
* Announcing that after X time, your posts may not be transferred to the new forum. I'm probably going to do this no earlier than when 4.0.2 is released in appx. 2 weeks. Or a Friday.
* Repeating the entire process one more time (including full backups) for the "final, to be released to the public" forum. This is to ensure that I have the latest database. The Saturday after the above.
* Changing the redirect from to the new forum. Same Saturday.
* Archiving the current (3.8.4 pl2) forum you're looking at. No rush.
* Taking the archive offline. No rush.
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Ya gotta wonder if another forum thought, "Hey we can move to 4.0 before the WF and show we have some IT chutzpah." I don't think their plan A or B worked.

For the folks that don't know, Ed, Gandalfe and I were all "moderators" on SOTW -- although I started looong before them -- I also used to do technical stuff for SOTW (I set up four or five generations of the SOTW forum).

In real life, I'm a computer tech.


FWIW, I wouldn't have remembered about the redirect thing a week ago: too many prescription drugs. I had the dose cut, a bit.
Ya gotta wonder if another forum though, "Hey we can move to 4.0 before the WF and show we have some IT chutzpah." I don't think their plan A or B worked.

It's a large site and I'm guessing that 4.0 includes a fair amount of database changes that slow down the process. I also think waiting for 4.0.2 is the smart thing to do. It's always good to give these things a few bug fix releases before jumping into them.
I've always been partial to waiting for the dot 1 release, or in the case of the Redmond gang - SP1.
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