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Using D# key on flute

t's been 30+ years since I last played the flute. I rented a Yamaha flute from the local music store so that I could relearn it. I also own a Maestro open-hole flute. I noticed that when I play from low staff E up to above staff C (two lines above the staff) on both flutes, there is no change in tone quality when I depress the D# key. Just to make sure I'm playing the notes correctly, I played them using the TonalEnergy tuner. I don't see any difference in tone quality if I don't depress the D# key. What effect does pressing the D# key have on tone quality? If none, why depress it?


Striving to play the changes in a melodic way.
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When I was learning flute, there was a lot of that extra fingering stuff that was *supposed* to make the note speak better and/or, for some flutes, make the note be in tune. As a doubler, I usually discounted most of that, but then I wasn't a soloist or playing with other flutists. YMMV.
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